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Team Muldowney has a burning desire to always be GROWING! We're thrilled to share that we've earned our "CERTIFIED NEGOTIATION EXPERT" designation! This is NOT something every broker has. Jake & I are committed to staying sharp, & able to perform at TOP levels for YOU!

About Jake Muldowney

Jake Muldowney brings enormous energy to the team. He comes from years of experience in the service industry. Years of high paced, feet on the ground attention to individual client needs makes him a HUGE ASSET!

2 for 1 !!

The added benefit of having Team Muldowney as YOUR Real Estate Brokers is that you have 2 trained Brokers at your service. If one has hands full, there is another to pick up and run with things. Less waiting, more knowledge/skill and NO additional expense!

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About Gretchen


Integrity is my cornerstone. 

It is my mission to conduct myself with, 

surround myself with, 

earn trust & repeat business with 



By operating with consistent Integrity, 

ever mindful of the greater good,

 I hope to touch the lives of those

 I serve 

earning future referrals, 

repeat clients,

 and lifelong friends. 



Care for our environment

Connecting clients to ~Dream Homes~ 

Supporting local small business

Continued personal growth & development

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Share your home ownership wishes & dreams with me. Let's get started together today.

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Why Choose Gretchen?

I will come to our introduction prepared to present you with a comprehensive list of all that you can expect from me. You will know exactly what I do to earn your trust & repeat business.

You will get a clear understanding of what is happening in our real estate market today, how we will work together to determine the right price to enter the market, or the plan to win you the house of your dreams. 

All throughout our time together you can rest assured there will be outstanding communication. 

I am a REALTOR held to the highest standards of service. 

I have taken the initiative to gain additional Specialist trainin so I may better serve


Veterans & Military

Recently I earned my favorite certificate - 

 'At Home with Diversity'

It is important to me to care for ALL


Do I need to have a Prequalification letter before I begin house hunting?

It is absolutely the best thing you can do to be empowered to win an offer. A seller will have much greater confidence in selecting you if you can demonstrate that you have been to a lender & are able to move forward and close the transaction. 

How do I select a lender?

I have had the good fortune to work with a variety of lenders. This has enabled me to get really clear about how to make the right choice. 

You want to interview a couple, ask them the same questions... how do they communicate? Email? In person? Phone calls? How frequently? Ask them how they will determine which loan is best for you. Listen to how they speak when they explain - Are you on the same page? Are they making things clear, or do you feel like you need an interpreter? Do you connect to them personally, enjoy chatting? That's your lender!

Should I over-price my home in the beginning? We can always come down.

I don't encourage sellers to over list. Instead I concentrate on pricing competitively, while putting your best foot forward where appearance in concerned. A thoughtfully priced home, that looks its very best, will typically draw more attention and sell quickly at fair market value. 

Client Testimonials

Throughout the time we worked together, you never once turned into the pain-in-the-backside agent that makes these transactions crawl space.  You were always positive, supportive, and never once acted like you were the only one who knew anything about buying or selling real estate.   You know, you’ve worked with them, we all have.  And, you never pressured us into cutting corners or covering anything up. 

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Gretchen.  Thanks for the help.  Thanks for bringing us a buyer.  Thanks for the positive attitude.  Thanks for setting the bar for others who do what you do.   You’ve pretty much made it impossible for us to even consider working with anyone else in the future.

Thanks for helping us get to the “celebration.” 

C. Beadles 2/17


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Gretchen Muldowney - RE/MAX Elite

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